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Bath Bomb - Flower by Spring

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Bath bomb Flower by Spring makes you feel like you are having a relaxing moment at Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands. Made with love for calming, relaxation, romantic luxury scent and flowery feeling. This is one of the most favourite series among the 4 season. Suitable for adults & kids.

Paraben free and safe for sensitive skin.

Bath bomb Flower by Spring membuatkan anda berasa seperti anda sedang bersantai di Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands. Direka sesuai untuk menenangkan, istirehat dengan aroma romantis dan mewah dan perasaan berbunga. Flower by Spring merupakan salah satu siri yang paling digemari diantara 4 musim. 

Sesuai untuk dewasa & kanak-kanak.

Bebas paraben dan selamat untuk kulit sensitif.

Fungsi: Menenangkan & mandi bunga

Aroma: Rose + Lavender + Grape Seed Oil


Size : 6cm diameter in sphere

Decorated with Rose petals on top of it.

Scent : Rose + Lavender + Grape Seed Oil

Packaging : Carefully wrapped and keep in box before ship

How to use

1) Fill in the bath tub / barrel / water tub with warm water - (1 bath bomb can be used for 30-50 gallons of water)

2) Drop the bath bomb (you can add more bath bomb or mix it with bath crumb / bath salt for extra-enjoyable experience)

3) enjoy the show! (when it starts to contact with water it will begin to swirl on the water surface, the bath bomb will become fizzy and releasing a wonderful fragrance and colour. This is the Insta-worthy moment where you may want to take a photos / videos. Don't forget to tag us @qowiyhq to get featured #qowiymoment 

You can soak in the water before drop in the bomb or you can wait until it dissolve before getting in the water.  

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