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qowiy story

Qowiy is a bath product brand founded by Sabatini Dzue and assisted by her husband Azlan Andi. Inspired by the names of their children, Qowiy means strong in Arabic. 

Deeply interested in bath bombs since they settled in the UK few years ago, they loves to collect bath bomb from all the places they travelled. But then Sabatini found it difficult to get a Bath Bomb that met her needs in Malaysia, so with her own recipe formulation after trying hundreds of recipes, Sabatini finally managed to produce recipes that fit her needs and suit the climate of Southeast Asian countries . 

Hopefully more people can try and enjoy the experience of bathing with therapeutic and nutritious water bath that leads to a better life. Qowiy continues to be aggressive in producing quality products at affordable prices. 

To get in touch directly with them, feel free to contact :

+60182914301 or email at qowiyglobal@gmail.com

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