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We're excited to introduce our new combo big set. This collection includes five different options based on five different colours, which are well known to have many skin benefits. Can be used at any time, on any day, and makes a wonderful gift for a loved one! 

What you will get:
Handmade Fresh Bath bomb
1x Big Bath Bomb
1x Bubble Potion 270ml
1x Mini Bath Salt

Individual Price:
1x Big Bath Bomb = RM25
1x Bubble Potion 270ml = RM29
1x Mini Bath Salt = RM7
Total = RM61

Why choose Combo Jimat Big Set?

  1. More affordable and economical.
  2. We use 100% natural ingredients.
  3. Suitable for both adults and children. Paraben-free and suitable for sensitive skin.
  4. Contain high quality therapy oils.
  5. Dissolve instantly in water, the water changes color and emits a refreshing aroma.
  6. Bath bomb will interact with fizzy and swirling. The water from a bath bomb solution can be used for bathing, soaking, or body bathing.
  7. Suitable for gift. We provide free custom hand-drawn wishes on the parcel & wrap as a hamper.
  8. Great combo deals and affordable in comparison with other bath bombs in the market.
  9. Fast service and great customer service from Qowiy Team!

How to use

  1. Fill in the bathtub / barrel / water tub with warm water - (1 bath bomb can be used for 30-50 gallons of water).
  2. Drop the bath bomb (you can add more bath bomb or mix it with bath crumb / bath salt for extra-enjoyable experience).
  3. Enjoy the show! (When it starts to contact with water it will begin to swirl on the water surface, the bath bomb will become fizzy and releasing a wonderful fragrance and colour). This is the Insta-worthy moment where you may want to take photos / video. Don't forget to tag us @qowiyhq to get featured #qowiymoment.

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