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Mini Bombs Box Set

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Mini Bomb Box Set didatangkan dalam 4 jenis variasi yang berbeza dengan aroma yang harum & menyegarkan:

- Mini Bombs Season Set
- Mini Bombs Marble X Bunga Set
- Mini Bombs Fruity Set

Mini Bombs Season Set
✅ Fall Under Weather :

Benefits: Maximum freshness for cold, fevers, dizziness and body aches. The aroma is very fresh and also helps to detox.
Scents: Eucalyptus + Lemongrass + Peppermint + Lemon

✅ Onsen By Summer :
Benefits: Relieve stress, refreshing and contains charcoal to remove dead skin cells
Scents: Peppermint + Lemon + Orange + Grape Seed Oil

✅ Flower By Spring :
Benefits: Romantic & Luxury experience, flower bath
Rose + Lavender

✅ Milky Winter :
Benefits: Moisturize skin, calm irritation, help skin problem such eczema and psoriasis.
Scents: Lavender + Jojoba Oil + Tea Tree Oil

✅ Chamomile:
Benefits: Calming and relaxing, healing scar, best for foot soak and body scrub (due to colour absorbent), boost immune system, increase cell recovery, sleep therapy.
Scents: Chamomile + Lavender 

Mini Bombs Marble X Bunga Set
✅ Healsauda
Benefits: Wound healing, improve skin moisture and hydration, help skin problem such as eczema and psoriasis, boost immunity, anti-inflammatory.
Scents: Habatussauda + Frakincense + Rose

✅ Detox
Benefits: Refreshing, detoxify skin, make skin feel clean, have antibacterial + anti-fungal + anti-inflammatory property, help lighten skin, firming skin, flushing out toxin, encourage blood circulation, body feel cool and energise.
Lemon + Citronella + Cucumber Extract + Ginger

✅ Camellia Orchid
Benefits: Best moisturiser for dry / damaged skin, have anti – aging abilities, improve skin elasticity, nourish skin cells, prevent formation of wrinkles, Soothe sunburned skin, improve mood and help to relax.
Scents: Camellia + Orchid

✅ Chamomile Vit.E
Benefits: Calming and relaxing, Healing scar , best for foot soak and body scrub (due to colour absorbent) , contain vitamin E that helps UV protection on skin, boost immune system, increase cell recovery, sleep therapy.
Scents: Chamomile + Lavender + Vit.E

✅ Mini Bath Salt Lemongrass Ginger
Benefits: Refreshing, feeling cool sensation, help flush out toxin, detoxify, help reduce muscle ache, pain relief.
Scents: Lemongrass + Ginger

Mini Bombs Fruity Set
✅ Fruity Melon

Benefits: Best for all skin types, fast-absorbing, nourishing and effective for dry skin, as it protects and moisturizes with anti-oxidants, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids.
Scents: Watermelon + Melon

 Fruity Tropical
Benefits: Good for dry skin as it creates a protective shield for skin. Moisturize skin and help to maintain moisture balance & firming skin. Rich with anti-oxidants, vitamin C and E that help to neutralize free radicals and slow signs of aging and helping to maintain skin's health.
Scents: Mango + Peach

✅ Fruity Berry
Benefits: Help to relieve stress, anxiety, headache, insomnia and fatigue to improve overall health & let you spend a pleasant day. Lovely, fresh, summery smell & can set the mood for an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable bath.
Strawberry + Grape

Bubble Potion Fruit Punch
Benefits: New formulation by Qowiy that gives a lot of bubbles and shimmering effect.
Scents: Pineapple + Banana

✅ Bath Salt Fruity
Benefits: Good for joint pains, body aches, stress relief and good for skin.
Scents: Watermelon + Lemon

Penggunaan :

1) Untuk rendaman kaki / tuaman : Gunakan 1-2 minibombs
2) Untuk mandian Shower : 1 minibomb sekali mandi.
3) Untuk rendaman badan dengan bath tub, boleh gunakan 3-5 minibombs sekali mandi.
4) Untuk mandi jirus: 1-2 minibombs sebekas air bergantung kepada saiz bekas.
Pastikan bilas badan sebaik sahaja menggunakan minibomb. Disarankan gunakan bersama air hangat untuk kesan lebih menenangkan. #qowiymoments


- Suitable for adults & kids.
- Paraben free and safe for sensitive skin.


Bath Bomb Mini: 4cm diameter
Bubble Potion: 55ml
Bath Salt: 70gm

Carefully wrapped and keep in box before ship

How to use 

1) Fill in the bath tub / barrel / water tub with warm water (3 - 5 mini bath bomb can fill 1 bath tub) 

2) Drop the bath bomb (you can add more bath bomb or mix it with bath crumb / bath salt for extra-enjoyable experience) 

3) Enjoy the show! (when it starts to contact with water it will begin to swirl on the water surface, the bath bomb will become fizzy and releasing a wonderful fragrance and colour.) This is the Insta-worthy moment where you may want to take a photos / videos. Don't forget to tag us @qowiyhq to get featured #qowiymoment 

Enjoy your "me-time" 😃
Don't forget to take a photos / videos and tag us @qowiyhq to get featured #qowiymoments

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