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Bath Crumb - Lollipop

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Bath Crumb is a scented bath powder that contains quite similar ingredients to Bath Bomb. In contrast to Bath Bombs, Bath Crumbs are more suitable to be used in small quantities. Due to the small amount needed, you can save it to use multiple times. It is normally used for foot soaking, body washing and face steaming.

Suitable for adult and kids. Paraben free and safe for sensitive skin.

Scents: Sweet Lollipop

Bath Crumb adalah sama seperti Bath Bomb, di mana ia menggunakan bahan yang sama seperti Bath Bomb. Perbezaannya adalah Bath Crumb dihasilkan dalam bentuk crumb (serbuk). Sesuai untuk digunakan dalam kuantiti yang kecil dan boleh digunakan berulang kali. 

Sesuai untuk dewasa & kanak-kanak. Bebas paraben dan selamat untuk kulit sensitif.

Kegunaan: Untuk merendam kaki, mencuci badan dan steam muka.

Aroma: Sweet Lollipop


Big: 400gm
Medium: 200gm

Scents: Lollipop

Colour: Green, Orange, Purple, Red


Carefully wrapped with bubble wrap before ship.

How to Use

1. Sprinkle the bath crumb into the bath tub / pile / barrel / pool.

2. Fill the tub with warm or cold water. (Make sure to pour water directly on the bath crumbs)

3. Adjust the water temperature according to your comfort.

4. It's ready to soak into water and enjoy your "me-time".

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