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Premium Fruity Box

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Premium Fruity Box

Premium Fruity Box Set: 
3x Bath Bomb Fruity Series (Big Size) - Melon, Berry, Tropical = RM75
3x Scented Candle Fruity (Melon, Berry, Tropical) = RM135
1x Bubble Potion Fruit Punch 270ml = RM29
1x Bath Salt Mini Fruity 70gm = RM7
Total = RM246


1) Bath Bomb 

Qowiy Bath bombs are balls that dissolve instantly in water. Bath bomb solution water is used for bathing, soaking or even washing body parts. Interestingly, when it dissolves, the water will change color and produce a refreshing aroma. Water texture also turns soft because it contains essential oils and epsom salt which is good for the body. 

Bath Bomb (Melon)
Scent   :  Watermelon + Melon

Bath Bomb (Berry)
Scent   : Strawberry + Grape

Bath Bomb (Tropical)
Scent   : Watermelon + Melon

2) Scented Candle

Scented Candle provide holistic emotional and mental therapy. The cool, soothing and calming aroma can help reduce stress. We use 100% premium natural soy wax and wood wick that burns the candle evenly and gives a fresh fragrance.

Scented Candle  (Melon)
Scent   : Watermelon + Mango + Melon
Weight : 165gm
Approximate Burn Time: 30 Hours

Scented Candle (Berry)
Scent   : Strawberry + Raspberry + Grape
Weight : 165gm
Approximate Burn Time: 30 Hours 

Scented Candle (Tropical)
Scent   : Pineapple + Banana + Coconut
Weight : 165gm
Approximate Burn Time: 30 Hours 

3) Bubble Potion Fruit Punch
Bubble Potion is a foam essence in the form of a fragrant concentrated liquid that is intended to produce a large amount of foam; each bottle can be used 2-6 times per bath depending on the size of the bath container. The unique feature of Qowiy Bubble Potion is the shimmering bath water that is often referred to as fairy water.

Scent   : Pineapple + Banana
Weight : 270ml
Colour : Purple

4) Bath Salt Fruity
Bath salts made specifically for this therapy are extremely beneficial to one's health. It contains Himalayan salt, therapeutic oil, and Epsom salt, which is known for its ability to relieve aches and pains as well as stress. Bath salt has also been shown to improve sleep quality while also providing skin nourishment.

Scent     : Watermelon + Lemon
Weight   : 70gm

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